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Are you looking to enhance the exterior aesthetics and functionality of your home or business? Consider installing block walls, a structural component that offers a variety of advantages. The most important feature of block walls that many clients seek is that they offer privacy and protection to any home or business. They also give a fresh and new look to the property. Considering all this, block walls definitely stand as one of the best structural components that add to a property’s value.

Of course, the block barriers’ advantages come into the picture only when you hire contractors with ample experience and knowledge about the subject. And that’s what you will receive when you choose our experts in block walls Albuquerque residents know and trust for the project you want to be done on your property. We would love for you to choose us for your needs because we are the cinder block wall contractors Albuquerque clients have recommended for our block wall repairs and installation expertise. We are a dedicated and disciplined team who work towards providing the most high-quality service to our customers. Get in touch and get more ideas about how block walls can improve your property’s aesthetics and value.

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Block fences offer many additional benefits over other building materials. For example, block walls are some of the most affordable structural elements you could find. Their cost-to-quality ratio is generally unseen in others. Also, they do not need much maintenance, which will further reduce the burden from the property owner’s shoulders. But there’s even more to it:

  • Block walls last longer than expected: Almost all materials offer longevity, but that all depends on how the material is handled and constructed. The longevity block walls offer is incomparable to other building materials. Wood materials can last up to 20 years, but only with constant care and maintenance. Vinyl and other materials can stand firm for 30 years, and metals can last up to 60 years. But do you know how many years block walls can be expected last? They last for 100 years or more, even with the most minor maintenance and exposure to harsh weather.
  • Block barricades are more durable – block barricades last longer because they offer unbeatable strength and resistance. As said earlier, they can withstand harsh weather and extreme temperature changes with most minor maintenance. You will never have to look after and make a replacement for block walls short of a devastating earthquake or tsunami. 
  • Added layer of protection to your property – block walls come with fire resistance and can even withhold or block a certain amount of water. The materials used for block walls don’t burn and can give you some protection against fire. So, it’s a worthy investment as you provide safety and security to your family and property. 
  • Block walls offer versatility – there is a long list of options when it comes to blocking walls. They can be used for constructing foundations and interior or exterior enclosures for both home and business. You can even consider adding block fences, concrete block walls, retaining walls, garden bed borders, and much more. ​

And among all these advantages, concrete walls also help insulate heat inwards in the winters and help keep heat out in the summer, helping you reduce your cost on heating and cooling processes. Besides, as we mentioned above, it is low maintenance, high quality, and the most energy-efficient building component. Thus they enhance the value of your property while being one of the most functional parts. All a cinder block wall needs is some expert hands to lay them down, and then the benefits will speak for themselves.

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Yes, we just discussed how many advantages these block walls can bring to your plate. But that’s just the top layer of the whole process that needs to be done. Though concrete walls have many benefits to offer on their own, local experts in cinder block Albuquerque residents turn to are able to use many other methods to improve the appearance and sustainability of the walls. Reinforcing block walls can add to the overall strength and longevity of the walls. This is an important step to follow, especially if the block walls are near water and have to hold back any pressure.

The specific type of concrete block Albuquerque contractors use can also add waterproofing to the mixture of block walls. A layer of waterproof coating can help provide even more protection to block barriers. For example, if the block walls are constructed near water, they may suffer from potential damages like moisture and water damage. Waterproofing will prevent this damage and can also be applied to interior and exterior block walls according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Thinking that ​​standard concrete walls might look dull and boring? Current technologies have paved the way for new designs and decorations to be customized according to one’s personal preferences. There are several types of blocks and materials available in the market for the same purpose. You can also apply stucco to block walls to make them resemble other materials and look more pleasing to the eye. Please get in touch with our experts in concrete blocks Albuquerque can fully depend on to learn what more you can do to enhance your block barriers’ beauty.

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Block walls can vary in cost depending on the circumstances. It depends on the type of enclosure being installed and the size, shape, and height of the block wall, and the labor cost itself depends on the length of time the project can take and its complexity. But do not worry, our contractors that are talented in constructing concrete blocks Albuquerque can be proud of are here to help you. Just give us a call, and we will give a free estimate of how much your project can cost. 

If you would like the most accurate estimate on your next concrete block project, please also consider the decorative elements you will add to enhance the beauty of the block barriers as featured in our portfolio. Other materials like adding waterproofing, veneers, and stucco can increase the project’s overall price, and because veneers and stucco need more maintenance, those will be a long-term cost.

Since our retaining wall block Albuquerque team has a lot of real-world experience about block walls and how they need to be installed, you can definitely depend on us to do the project for you. We are known for our expert work and attention to detail. Please contact our retaining wall block Albuquerque experts to learn more about block walls and their benefits, and how you can add beauty to them at the most affordable price possible.

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